Pulsarians! I hope you’re thirsty for blood!

On the previous layer we planned to have a weekly Fight Night where we gather in Discord to talk shit and watch our pets fight.
Unfortunately we did not have time to do this before Beta layer ended.

But now we’re back, bigger…

Dear Pulsarians,

In this article, I will be explaining a summary of how you can make money playing our games.

Polypulsar currently has 3 functional on-chain games. These are:

  • Bounty Hunter (PvE)
  • Polygalactic Hunter (PvE)
  • PulsArena (PvP)

Apart from games, you have all the traditional yield farming features available with…

Dear Pulsarians,

As we announced earlier, we have decided to launch gamma layer to be able to integrate new games, optimize the old ones, and fix potential security issues.

We will start selling NFTs on 19th of July; this is also the date that farming will end. The launch of…

A yield farming platform with NFT games

Polypulsar is the most burn effective project on Polygon thanks to its tokenomics and games. We have created a model both for yieldfarm and for game enthusiasts. …

Pulsar Farm

Yield farming with NFTs

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