Beta Pulsar is Migrating to Matic; a New Layer is Beginning

After long discussions with my team and the community, we have decided to move Pulsar project to Matic. In this article, I will discuss (1) the reasons for our decision, explain (2) sale of utility NFTs and (3) migration process.

Disclaimer: The migration process is still under development and the information given here might be subjected to some changes.

1- Reasons for Migration

2.1 Momentum loss: We have delivered two new features on Beta Pulsar; a PvE game (Bounty Hunter) and a PvP game (Pulsarena). Although our games were successful in terms of how they were designed and integrated into yield farming, we were only able to complete our features after an initial dump in price and loss of interest. Thus, they were never able to reach their full potential in creating deflation. Releasing these games with their fully optimized features on Matic, which has cheaper gas, can promote a much efficient cycle of burns:

Yieldfarm to earn BPUL > Spend BPUL for PvE to earn BNT > Spent BNT to play PvP and earn $ rewards > Reinvest and repeat or take profits.

3.1 Change in Buyback Policy: Our buyback policy in Alpha and Beta worked in terms of preventing an initial dump and allowed investors to farm without getting worried that our project would dump like most others in the first few hours. However, this strategy is not sustainable since many people prefer to harvest and dump as quickly as possible to earn as much as they can before the buyback amount is depleted; and when it is depleted, a panic sell begins. We are a project focused on gaming; thus, our project should focus rewarding players and core investors and not those dumping at the first opportunity. For this reason, we have decided to use deposit fees to reward players who are really interacting with our platform. Beta Pulsar on Matic will direct deposit fees to the players on the leaderboard. Considering we have done over $400k buyback in Beta Pulsar and that we can accumulate a similar amount in Matic, we can reward $10k + thousands of native tokens everyday to players on leader board for 40 days. Moreover, this system might accumulate even more deposit fees during this 40 days period to ensure future rewards.

4.1 Future Development: Matic seems to be a growing chain with faster and cheaper transactions. Since we are planning to create much sophisticated games in the future, BSC might obstruct the realization of our dream project.

2. Sale of Utility NFTs

2.1 NFT price

We have decided to sell the utility NFTs for 100 BNT tokens each. The system will be similar to Alpha Pulsar; when people buy NFTs, they will be allocated points by our contract. When we provide liquidity on Matic, NFT owners will be airdropped their new tokens.

2.2 NFT sale income

70% of the BNT income will be reserved for Matic liquidity and marketing while 30% will be burned to decrease BNT inflation.

2.3 Tokenomics for Matic

NFT holders will be distributed a total amount of 1.000.000 BPUL tokens on Matic and each token will worth $0.01 when we provide liquidity. This is similar to how we launched Beta on BSC; 10.000 BPUL for $1 each. You will get following amounts of BPUL tokens for the utility NFTs:

  • Platinum: 1600 BPUL
  • Gold: 1200 BPUL
  • Silver: 800 BPUL
  • Bronze: 400 BPUL

There will be 250 NFTs for each category (a total 1,000) and they all will be the same price (100 BNT).

3- Migration to Matic

Matic config:

Yield farming with NFTs