Details about the upcoming Gamma Layer

  1. How to buy NFTs
BSC layer NFTs
Cost and Reward
  • Type: These are the 5 tiers of NFTs you can buy. You can get the best value from top tier which is Diamond.
  • Total NFT: This is the number of NFTs you can buy from each tier. All the tiers will have 10,000 NFTs that you can buy.
  • Unit: The calculations are made on 1 unit of NFTs. There will be some NFT options which are counted as 5, 10 and 20 units. The total amount will always be 10,000 for each tier but you can buy 1 NFT which counts as 20 NFTs. This is done for the people who has a lot of tokens to spend, and they do not want to have too many transactions. For example, there will be 10,000 Bronze units; 3000 (1 unit worth,) 600 (5 unit worth,) 200 (10 unit worth), 100 (20 unit worth). The price will change proportionally; you will get the same amount of GPUL rewards; this is only done for some people to buy their NFTs without having to go through hundreds of transactions.
  • NFT cost: This shows you how many tokens you need to buy the NFT in question. For example, you need 12 Matic-BNT pair in order to buy Diamond tier while the Bronze tier requires 150 BPUL.
  • LP/Token: Each tier can only be bought with one specific token. This column shows you which token you need to buy the NFTs. For example, you can only buy Silver with BNT. If you have another native token, you will need to buy another NFT.
  • LP/Token price: This is the price of each token at the time this article is written. The prices in this column might go up or down according to the demand on our NFTs. If the prices go up, NFTs will be more expensive, and if the opposite happens NFTs will be cheaper.
  • Cost in Dollars: Similarly, the numbers in this column changes according to LP/Token price. For example, as I’m writing this article, the price of BNT is $0.212. Since Silver tier requires 35 BNT tokens, the price of Silver NFT is 35 x 0.212 = $7.42. Please, keep in mind that the number of tokens you need to buy the NFT (35) will not change; however, the dollar cost of NFTs will change if the tokens become cheaper or more expensive.
  • Allocation: This is the % of tokens that will be given to each NFT tier
  • Total GPUL Rewards: This is the number of tokens which will be given to each tier.
  • GPUL per NFT: This is the number of GPUL tokens you get if you buy 1 NFT. This number is different for each tier of course.
  • Yes, we have deployed enough NFTs for all the circulating supply. It is more likely that all the NFTs will not sell out. However, keep in mind that some tiers might sell out before others. If everyone tries to buy the same tier, that tier can deplete, but the others will still be available.
  • You will press the “Claim Tokens” button after shortly after the fair launch of Gamma layer.
  • If we give the tokens before we fair launch, some people can create liquidity with a different price. This would give them the power to scam other people. That is why all has to wait for us to create liquidity and set the initial price to $0,005.
  • Yes, you can buy as many NFTs as you like. You can also buy from different tiers. Our smart contract keeps track of all the NFTs you buy and calculate your total rewards.
  • Yes
  • Speaking from the history of our previous layers, you can. However, this depends on the success of Gamma Layer and there is no way to guarantee it. As Pulsar team, we are confident that Gamma will be much better than Beta, but we cannot promise how the price action will take place. People who bought Utility NFTs last time were able to make a lot of profit because BPUL price went from $0.01 to $0.9. They also kept farming with over 30% APR during this time.




Yield farming with NFTs

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Pulsar Farm

Yield farming with NFTs

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