Introducing PolyPulsar Fight Nights!

Pulsarians! I hope you’re thirsty for blood!

On the previous layer we planned to have a weekly Fight Night where we gather in Discord to talk shit and watch our pets fight.
Unfortunately we did not have time to do this before Beta layer ended.

But now we’re back, bigger and stronger than ever, so let’s kick this thing off!

Our first PolyPulsar Fight Night will take place tomorrow, Monday Aug 30th!
It will start at 3PM UTC and run until 9PM UTC when PvP rewards are distributed!

To join you simply need to go to our Discord server:

We will have a community contest with $100 prize!
To participate you simply just come up with a fun name for your pet and post a screenshot of it in the contest channel on Discord.
The members of the community will vote on the pet that has the funniest name!
Winner will be announced with the distribution of PvP rewards!

All other Fight Nights will take place on Fridays, as voted on by the community!

I’ll see you there Pulsarians!”

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