Join the fair launch of Polypulsar on August 25!

Our gamma layer will be launching with 2 PvE and 1 PvP games on 25th of August 9 p.m. UTC. Farming will start on 29th of August. Apart from blockchain games, Polypulsar will have all the yield farming features for farming enthusiasts as well.

What is new?

The biggest innovation with the new layer will be our new PvE game, Polygalactic Hunter, and the integration of an NFT marketplace. Polygalactic Hunter will be a game where the odds will be in favor of players to earn more tokens than they spend. This will be a new play to earn model rewarding not only our natives, but also other tokens on Polygon.

Polygalactic Hunter Profile

Players will be able to level up their NFT hunters to earn even greater rewards as they progress in the game. When the NFT marketplace is activated, these NFT characters will also be tradable. Having a high level hunter can give players a consistent income, but they can also be sold for a good sum on the NFT marketplace.

After the launch, we will also be adding some animated missions for special events like launchpad projects.

Animated Missions

Since it will function as a game, syrup pool and a launchpad, Polygalactic hunter will be able to bring multiple utilities into our ecosystem which will make everything more fun and profitable.

What about other games?

We already have another PvE game, Bounty Hunter, and a PvP game, PulsArena. These games will be available at launch with improved features like hunter tiers or random matchmaking system for PvP. What is more, the RNG function for all our games will be powered by Chainlink’s VRF for increased security. If you are unfamiliar with these games, you can see how they work here:

After our launch, we will immediately start working on developing off chain games like Axie Infinity to offer better and more sophisticated games for our users.

Will it be possible to yield farm?
Yes, it will. As in all our previous layers, we will enable both gaming and yield farming features. Our users are free to engage in whichever feature they like.

How can I participate?

On August 25th, we will add liquidity using the DEX of
If you want to buy our token, join us on Telegram to be the first ones to get the token address on launch time.

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