New PvP Game, Pet Airdrops, and $6,000 Celebration Rewards

Dear Pulsarians,

We have come a long way since Alpha and we have been delivering the promises we made on our road map. It is finally the time to introduce our first PvP game, Pulsarena. To celebrate this milestone, we have decided to give away 50 pets, and $6,000 in BUSD to be shared among the top 3 players on the first day of the game. With the release of new game, we will also reduce the emission of BPUL everyday to create a deflationary token.

1- About the game

Pulsarena is a PvP game where people can buy alien pets and fight in an arena to win rewards. Every match win will reward players with BNT token and score for their wins. Players with the best score will be shown on the top of leader board and will be rewarded with extra BNT tokens each day. Please check the details of the game in the link below:

2- $6,000 rewards for top 3 players

Top players in the leader board will be rewarded bounty tokens accumulated from each PvP game. However, since we want to celebrate the opening of our first PvP game, we will share an extra $6,000 for the top 3 players in the first day of the game.

Top 1 will receive $3,000

Top 2 will receive $2,000

Top 3 will receive $1,000

Players in the top 20 will also receive BNT rewards accumulated from each arena fight.

3- Pet Airdrops

We would like everyone to test our game and see how it works. For this purpose, we will be airdropping alien pets to 50 people who complete the following tasks when we share airdrop tweet:

  • Follow us on twitter & RT
  • Reply and tag #defi, #BSC #NFT; share your wallet address and telegram username
  • Join our telegram channel

The pets to be distributed will be randomly selected and sent to the wallet addresses of winners at the launch of the game (24–48 hours).

4- BPUL and BNT deflation

It is known very well why people hop in a yield farm; for the fat APRs. We have been unable to change this fact and stop the inflation so far. However, since we have built a PVE and PvP game, we can now start taking steps to change this cruel fate where inflation kills a farm.

The current block reward of BPUL is 1.0 creating 28,800 tokens everyday. With such emission, it is impossible to control the price. Starting from the launch of our new game, we will reduce the block rewards gradually until it drops to 0,1. Meanwhile, our two games will help burning the available supply of BPUL and BNT. When our emission becomes very low, with the help of games and transfer tax, BPUL will become deflationary, and people holding them will earn value.

It is a great time to farm BPUL while the block reward is still high! Do not miss this chance to earn some while it is at a discount.

Yield farming with NFTs

Yield farming with NFTs