Play to Earn Model in Polypulsar

Dear Pulsarians,

In this article, I will be explaining a summary of how you can make money playing our games.

Polypulsar currently has 3 functional on-chain games. These are:

  • Bounty Hunter (PvE)
  • Polygalactic Hunter (PvE)
  • PulsArena (PvP)

Apart from games, you have all the traditional yield farming features available with a high APR. The scheme below shows how each feature interacts with each other:

Play to Earn Model

Now let’s us take a look at each feature in detail:

1- Farming: This is simply the good old yieldfarming where you can stake native and non-native tokens to earn GPUL rewards. If you are not into games at all, it is possible to use Polypulsar as a yieldfarming platform.

Our farms and pools have very high APR to start with; and this APR does not drop too low after launch due to our deflationary mechanics from games.

2- Bounty Hunter: This is the first PvE game in the line. After you earn GPUL as a staking reward, you can spend them to play Bounty Hunter and mint GBNT, our game reward token. GBNT is more expensive than GPUL because it has many use cases in our games, and it does not have a fixed emission; this token can only be earned in the game. Even Polypulsar team holds no preminted GPUL, and we have to play the game just like everyone if we want to have this token.

Character Profile

As you play Bounty Hunter, your NFT character will level up giving you much better chances to complete missions successfully and earn greater GBNT rewards.

For more info:

3- Polygalactic Hunter: As mentioned above, GBNT has many use cases. Polygalactic is one of the games you can spend your GBNT as well as other tokens to earn a great variety of rewards. You will have access to many different missions to earn different tokens from different project. Some missions will give you native tokens of other projects, and some missions will give you USDC or MATIC. We will be preparing a dashboard for you to see all types of missions and how profitable they are after launch, so you will easily track how much you can earn from each mission available from partner projects.

The game will be similar to Bounty Hunter; you will have a female NFT character and missions to complete.

Polygalactic Hunter — Profile page

Although Bounty Hunter (BH)and Polygalactic Hunter (PH)are similar, they have some fundamental differences as well:

  • Cost and Rewards: BH can only be played with GPUL and reward GBNT. PH can be played with any tokens and can rewards any tokens. These tokens are choosen according to the preferences of our partners.
  • Levels and win chances: BH gets a big boost to success rates as the character levels up while PH gets a slight boost. The reason for this is that the PH missions are with limited rewards and we want new and old players to earn a similar amount of profits from each mission. However, note that high level hunters have an extra advantage since they can access to higher tier missions. Image that a mission statistically gives you 15% more rewards than the tokens you spend, but you have to wait for a 4 hours cool-down. With a common hunter you can play the lowest tier mission and earn a smaller portion of the available rewards before your cool-down starts, but with a high level hunter, you will be play higher tier missions to earn a bigger portion before the cool-down. For example, a common character pay $10 and earns $11,5 on average, while a rare pays $20 to earn $23, an epic pays 30 to $34,5 and a legendary pays $40 to earn $46. Everyone has to wait the same amount of time, but the higher level hunters can get more rewards from the pot before they are depleted. Since higher level hunters will have a slight win boost as well, those profits will be actually higher in practice.
  • XP rewards: Bounty hunter has fixed XP rewards, but Polygalactic will have a flexible one. XP rewards for missions will be set by us manually, and you will be able to see which mission provides how much XP. Unless there is a special event, the missions requiring GBNT to play will reward you the best XP amount. Another difference about XP is the maximum amount of XP required to reach level 100. PH will progress much slower than BH because PH will enable you statistically guaranteed rewards, and these hunters will be sold on a secondary marketplace later. Thus, we want to keep the high level hunters rare and valuable.

After our launch, you will be able to access the missions of partner projects. The example below is from Stadium Arcadium where you can pay Arcadium token to earn USDC. There will be also options to pay GBNT to earn Arcadium.

For more info:

4- PulsArena

Pulsarena is our PvP game where you can buy alien pets to fight other players. The game requires GBNT to play. If you win a match, you will be receiving the GBNT of your opponent and earn a score; top 20 players with the highest score will be receiving great rewards everyday including USDC, GPUL and other tokens. You can see below how much rewards were distributed in two weeks in our previous layer:

Rewards distributed in Beta Layer

The first thing you need to do play PulsArena is to buy a pet from our pet shop. These pets will also cost GBNT. The price of the pets will be determined and adjusted according to the price of GBNT after launch.

Pet Shop

After you have a pet, you will be able to see it on the pet profile with your statistics:

Pet Profile

Later on, you can join the PvP rooms to fight your opponents:


Finally, when you win matches, you will take your place in the leaderboard to receive daily rewards:


For more info:

We hope that our users will enjoy this cyle of farming and gaming as well as making a lot of profits in the process. Our games and token liquidity will be available on 25th of August, 9 p.m. UTC. The token will be sold on Polycat. We will be giving the token address on telegram before the launch. Join us on telegram if you have any additional questions:

Yield farming with NFTs