Polypulsar is starting a new layer on Polygon!

Dear Pulsarians,

We have decided to start the Gamma layer on Polygon. In this article, I will explain why we have decided to launch a new layer and how we are going to migrate to Gamma.

Why have we decided to launch a new layer?

1- People fighting their own pets in PvP

While this cannot be called an exploit, there are some people who keep attacking their own pets to get more score and collect rewards from leaderboard. This feature is not something we can fix on the current smart contract since it would require fundamental changes. The next PvP model should resemble the arena game of Axie Infinity where players are randomly matched; thus, the problematic strategy would be rendered useless. The problem with the PvP is not because of the code, but because of some players taking advantage of an easier way to win.

2- Saving the leaderboard rewards for fair distribution
We are holding more than $60k of rewards for the PvP players, but since some players are taking advantage of fighting their own pets, the rewards are not distributed fairly. Continuing with the current model would only fill the pockets of these players further. By means of starting a new layer, we can save these funds for a fair distribution.

3- Difficulties of integrating the new PvE game with others (Polygalactic Hunter)
As you are aware, our team has been working on a new game for some time. While this game can be integrated on to the current platform, being able to change all the contracts on a new layer would provide us better chance to integrate old and new contracts.

4- Fixing security issues in Bounty Hunter game.
There are some issues in the code of Bounty Hunter which might lead to exploitable bugs. While this has not caused problems yet, we cannot take any risks that it will not happen in the future. A new layer would enable us to fix any possible bugs which cannot be fixed on a deployed contract. This is why bounty hunter game has been disabled to prevent any individuals from discovering the bug and cheating in the game. This is also one of the reasons we have been following a layer model; the contracts should be tested in isolated layers before they can be used in our final game, and when we discover issues, we will have the ability to start a new layer and fix them.

How will the migration take place?

There will be 4 stages of the migration:

1. First of all, we will stop the emissions of BPUL and BNT to make sure that only the current owners of native tokens can buy the Utility NFTs. Anyone holding Polypulsar natives will be eligible to migrate to the Gamma layer. BNT emission will stop on July 14, and BPUL emission will stop with gradual reductions in emission. The first reduction will take place after the reward distribution on July 14.

2. At the second stage, we will count the number of native tokens and pairs to calculate how many NFTs should be sold. There will be enough NFTs for everyone. You will be able to buy utility NFTs with BNT, BPUL, BPUL/MATIC, BNT/MATIC and BPUL/BNT. All the native tokens from sales will be burned and the Matic from LPs will be reserved for the liquidity, audits and marketing of the next layer.

3. Third stage will be the development part. This is likely to take 2–3 weeks. During this time, we will finish the features we had promised but couldn’t deliver on time (Polygalactic Hunter, New pets, New reward distribution model). We will also fix the issues with the current contracts; building a random match making system for PvP, and eliminating all the bugs.

4. The last stage will be the release of the new platform with all the new features. A fair launch will take place, and NFT owners will be able to get their new tokens (Gamma Pulsar — GPUL) by clicking the “claim button” on NFT page.

To summarize, there many reasons for opening the Gamma layer. However, I need to admit something to our community first since I believe being honest is crucial in DeFi. The current layer change is not happening because Polypulsar couldn’t self-sustain; it is mainly happening because we made mistakes, and we have to fix our mistakes by creating foolproof contracts. I’m truly sorry that next layer has to happen because of the mistakes we made, and I hope our community will appreciate that I’m not trying to sugarcoat anything, but honestly admitting our faults and trying to fix them.

More details about the cost of NFTs and GPUL tokenomics will be announced soon.

Please keep in mind that this is the third time we activate utility NFTs, and those who have bought them in BSC layers made great profits. I hope you will stick with us to see all the things we will do together on Gamma Pulsar layer.




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