Polypulsar Starts Reviewing Other Projects on Youtube!

Dear Pulsarians,

We have come a long way since Alpha, and it has been a really challenging journey to build a loyal community supporting us. One of the main reasons for this challenge has been the nature of marketing on DEFI because It did not matter how legit our project has been and how honest we have been. It is a sad fact that If you want exposure, you have to pay the “influencers/shillers” and let them suck your resources. Most of these people do not give a shit about their viewers/audience or the projects they promote. As long as they get paid, they will tell ANYTHING.

I hadn’t realized how corrupt these influencers are until I launched Pulsar project and started dealing with them. It costed me dearly… I didn’t want to be a part of their dirty tricks, and spend the precious resources we had for such people, and this decision has slowed down our growth considerably. Now, we are taking some steps to change this dishonest and corrupt system. Polypulsar will start reviewing other projects on DEFI. There are a few reasons why we decided to take this step:

1- The first and the foremost reasons is the corruption in marketing I have mentioned above. We would like to present real and honest reviews. Even if we are paid generously to cover a project, we will not give them a good review if their project is shit.

2- As a DEFI project, our team is constantly checking other projects to learn more in the field. Since we have extensive knowledge on the field, we believe that we can share in depth information about the projects we review. You must have noticed that shillers are not that smart, and they just read out the docs and have no idea what they are talking about. Providing real information would also help investors take better decisions.

3- Strengthening our community is another reason. We have many games on Pulsar and we are going to have many more in the future; instead of paying people who does not even understand the project, we could explain our products much better. This will help our community understand the project better, and keep our valuable funds for the future development of ecosystem.

4- Last but not least, we would like to give visibility to those who deserve it. We want to use our resources and time to help our gaming partners, launchpad projects, or other projects who are not associated with us but trying to build something real. We really believe that both the crypto community and the developers are in need of honest reviews.

Apart from the reasons I mentioned above, I would also like to mention other points about our policy with reviews just to be transparent about them. We will start giving reviews without asking any money from the projects we pick. This does not mean that we will never accept paid work, but the payment will only be accepted for choosing one project to cover instead of another. It will not change how we assess and review the project paying us. It is also very likely that most projects will not pay us for reviews because they will risk spending resources and end up getting heavily criticized if they do not have a good product. Another point worth mentioning is that we will mainly cover blockchain games since this is the field we do most of our research and we are interested in.

I hope our new endeavor will be useful both for the crypto communities and for DEFI projects. Keep it in mind that you should not take anything we say as investment advice and always DYOR. We will do our best to give you accurate information, but DEFI is an experimental environment and no one can foresee the outcomes.

Stay safe in see you in Gamma layer,





Yield farming with NFTs

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